Modelling, craft and needlework uses
Some of the available models,
described with a view to using for craft and needle-work:


Two straight blades, razor-sharp and pointed.

The best all around, general purpose SQUIZZERS.  Ideal for applique work.



Two straight blades, one serrated.

The SQ-1 with serrations- Used for holding and slicing through multi-stranded fibers, and yarns.  Perfect for cutting materials like nylon that may tend to slip through the blades before the SQUIZZERS have had a chance to cut it.


Two sharp curved blades as SQ1 but with a gentle curve.

The ideal extra tool for any sewing machine.  Also very good for paper tole or decoupage.


Two sharp curved blades as SQ1C but with one serrated blade.

Ideal for commercial applications, like production sewing or embroidery.


One sharp pointed blade and one blunt, serrated blade.

The one 'heavier' blade with serrations easily cuts through light materials and heavier yarns.  Great for cutting dolls clothing.



Half the blade length of SQ1 with a micro edge. The blade is one third of the thickness of standard patterns.

Ideal for mini applique work, from cutting the tiniest of threads or for trimming away 'hardanger' canvas.


Curved micro blades (a smaller SQ1C). Same blade thickness as SQ4 but with a gentle curve for more delicate work.

The very best for embroidery.  Also used for mini decoupage projects.




One straight, one hooked blade.

The 'educated' hook is ideal for removing tight, unwanted stitches, tags or labels on new garments.

Squizzers find a wide range of uses where precision is required.

See also the alternative Squizzer models page for details with a craft , fly-tying and fishing slant!

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