Available models
Some of the available models,
described with a view to using for fishing, fly-tying and similar craft uses:


Two straight blades, razor-sharp and pointed - perfect for very fine work


Two straight blades, one serrated - will cut through heavier items and fine wires


Two sharp curved blades as SQ1 but with a gentle curve - perfect for contouring work


Two sharp curved blades as SQ1C but with one serrated blade



One sharp pointed blade and one blunt, serrated blade - ideal for cutting fine fur and hair


Half the blade length of SQ1 with a micro edge. The blade is one third of the thickness of standard patterns


Curved micro blades (a smaller SQ1C). Same blade thickness as SQ4 but with a gentle curve for more delicate work


One straight, one hooked blade - ideal for cutting stitches or holding fibres whilst cutting


Squizzers find a wide range of uses where precision is required.

See also the Squizzer crafts page for details with a sewing and crafts slant!

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