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1) Report by J Segrue and Associates, Inc., a leading market research company.
2) Sharp Operators - review in UK magazine 'Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying' (July/August 1999)

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J. Segrue and Associates

Independant Market Researchers

This briefly summarizes my observations of the scissor, and describes outcomes of sessions at Normandie School with children in grades K-2.

Scissors (SQUIZZERS)

The report was researched using the special children's safety models, the SQUIZZERs with large rounded and blunted blades.

The kids really liked these new scissors. They were fascinated with the unusual shape and took to cutting like ducks to water.

With only a couple of exceptions in each class, most gripped the scissors with their thumb along the top of one side of the handle and their fingers around the other side, The few who didn't hold the scissors this way, wrapped their fingers and thumb around the handle as if gripping a bat.

The main reasons for liking the scissors were:

  • easier to use
  • cuts better
  • can get in 'hard places' better
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Other reasons for liking the scissors were:
  • safe (not sharp; can put in pocket; won't poke or hurt you)
  • doesn't hurt fingers
  • easy to hold
  • don't have to put your fingers through them
  • the handle and colors
  • can use both hands
  • both lefthanders and righthanders can use

Things they don't like about ordinary scissors:
  • fingers get sore
  • have to cut hard
  • can't get in small spaces
  • uncomfortable
  • make your fingers sweat
Names suggested for the scissors:
  • Squeezers
  • Squeezums
  • Fun Squeeze
  • Squeezables
  • Squeezors
  • Squeessy
  • Squeezessy
  • Exercise Scissors
  • Little Cutters
  • Incredible Squeezers
  • Snapping Scissors
  • Little Scissors


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Kids' scissors (SQUIZZERS) - results from adult panel

  1. Once again reaction to the kids' scissors was extremely positive. 17 of the 18 participants said they would buy them (14 of the 17 said they would "definitely" buy).
  2. They liked the scissors for a variety of reasons: they really worked; they were easy to use; they were easy on the fingers (for kids and older adults); they would be safe for kids.
  3. They would buy primarily for younger children (pre-school to about 3rd grade) but some were interested in the scissors for themselves (primarily for coupon clipping). Several mentioned buying the scissors for older relatives and for people with arthritis.
  4. Their reasonable price estimates ranged from 98c to $2.99. The average price was $1.77.
They suggested the following names: Easy Grip, E-Z Scissors, Squeezors, Easy Snip, E-Z Snippers, Snippits, Safe Cut, Easy Cut, Squeeze Scissors.

A key point is that when some participants first saw the scissors they wondered how well the scissors would cut. This skepticism existed because, as one woman said, "we've all had kids' scissors that didn't cut". To overcome this, the package needs a statement or endorsement (by a teacher, pre-school group, etc) that says that the scissors really work. The product also needs to be positioned against regular kids' scissors in the minds of parents so that they understand that the new scissors are not "toy scissors". The idea is to position the new scissors as better and a replacement for old-fashioned, hard-to-use, not-very-good scissors that hurt your hands when you use them.

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"Sharp Operators

Surprisingly sharp scissors, Squizzers. The blades on these are extrememly accurately made. Test cutting with individual hairs and untensioned thread proved that Squizzers could slice through extremely fine, fly away, stuff with exceptional precision. At the tying bench the relatively short blades made accurate cutting very easy indeed. Squeezed almost closed, the points are so fine they can be used to hunt out the tiniest target, which gives the impression that these are best used for fine work, in fact they quite happily chopped through any and all materials I tried them on.

Where a conventional pair of scissors lie flat on the table and can be fiddly to pick up, Squizzers, simply because of the way they are made, sit high, as it were, which significantly reduces the "where are those damned things" factor.

Squizzers come in eight different models, so the blades can be curved or straight, long or short, serrated or not, pointed or blunt. Other features add to the attraction - stainless steel, three year sharpness guarantee, a lifetime guarantee against rust and defects, suitable for left-handed use, and they come with instructions of how to adjust and recondition your Squizzers (compulsive reading for scissor fetishists).

Quite exceptional tools at reasonable prices.

Prices - from £9.95 for one of the three standard models to £13.95 for the most esoteric model.
Distributed by Sharwood, phone/fax 01484 543823."

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