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The Safest and Most Versatile Baby Fingernail Scissors in the World!

Excellent for newborns and older.

Curved, rounded tips for safety. Ultra-narrow profile for infant comfort. Gentle closing pressure for absolute control. Flexible blades ensure zero binding or pulling. Carbon-free metal scissors never rust or loosen up. Lifetime warranty.

A Breakthrough in Cutting Technology

Squizzers work in the same way as ordinary scissors but with important design improvements. Squizzers are made of an alloy that has a natural “flex” and “memory” to it. This flexibility allows a greater shear angle between the blades, thereby increasing the sharpness and control of the cut.

Squizzers are perfect for:


Squizzers are perfect to use in model building, stamp collecting, robotics, and are chosen by many hobbyists for miniature projects due to their ease and precision of use.

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Crafts & Sewing

Squizzers are a great choice for crafts that require precision and fine cutting such as scrap booking, embroidering, jewelry making, and so much more. They also offer precision sewing benefits.

Look at these products: SQ-1, SQ-1-C, SQ-4-C
For sewing: SQ-4, SQ-6

Health & Beauty

Squizzers products are a useful aid in health and beauty grooming with precision scissors for cutting and sturdy tweezers for grasping.

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Fishing & Fly-Tying

Serious fly fishermen know how important a sharp, precise and reliable scissor is to fly-tying. Squizzers offer premium quality for cutting thread, precision hair trimming and removing materials close to the hook.

Look at these products: SQ-3, SQ-6, SQ-4-C

Advanced Design Features

Why Squizzers Are Better Than Ordinary Scissors

  • Ultra Sharp Blades
  • Increased Shearing Angle
  • Flexible and Easy to Squeeze
  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous – Works in right or left hand
  • Won’t Corrode or Rust
  • 8 Blade Patterns Available

Who Uses Squizzers?

Squizzers are used by anyone looking for a high quality, durable and precise cutting tool


Craft Enthusiasts

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Surprisingly sharp scissors. The blades on these are extremely accurately made. Test cutting with individual hairs and untensioned thread proved that Squizzers could slice through extremely fine, fly away, stuff with exceptional precision. At the tying bench the relatively short blades made accurate cutting very easy indeed. The points are so fine they can be used to hunt out the tiniest target, which gives the impression that these are best used for fine work, in fact they quite happily chopped through any and all materials I tried them on.

Sharp Operators

UK Magazine , Fly-Fishing and Fly-Tying

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