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Model BNS-N

The safest and most versatile Baby Fingernail Scissors in the world! Excellent for newborns and older. Curved, rounded tips for safety. Ultra-narrow profile for infant comfort. Gentle closing pressure for absolute control. Flexible blades ensure zero binding or pulling. Carbon-free metal scissors never rust or loosen up. Lifetime warranty.

Model SQ-1

Two straight blades, razor-sharp and pointed. The best all around, general purpose scissor. Ideal for fly-tying, appliqué  and very fine work. 


Model SQ-1-C

Two sharp blades with a gentle curve. The ideal extra tool for any sewing project as well as paper tole, decoupage or contouring work. 


Model SQ-4-C

Two sharp micro blades with a gentle curve (a smaller SQ-1-C). Same blade thickness as SQ-4 but with a gentle curve for more delicate use. The very best for embroidery.  Also used for mini decoupage projects. 

Model SQ-4

Half the blade length of SQ-1 with a micro edge. The blade is one-third of the thickness of standard scissors. Ideal for mini appliqué  work; from cutting the tiniest of threads, to trimming away ‘hardanger’ canvas.


Model SQ-6

The Lift ‘n Snip Squizzers. One straight and one hooked blade for snagging tight materials. Ideal for precisely removing stitching, and for the fly fisherman isolating and removing that one last pesky hair when tying a fly.


Model SQ-F

Our combo forceps/tweezer make it easy to pick-up, grasp and cut tiny items like beads, embellishments, and connectors. Also helpful in personal health and beauty, anytime you would use a tweezer such as hair removal or removing a splinter. 

Model SQ-3

These precision scissors have one sharp pointed blade and one blunt, serrated blade.  They cut out decals cleaner and closer than anything you’ve ever tried. Exceptional control on dollhouse fabric, cutting fine fur and hair, light materials, and heavier yarns. Great for crafting use.

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“These scissors really worked; Squizzers cut better and get in to hard places. They  were easy to use and easy on the fingers. Safe for kids scissors and also very useful for older relatives and  people with arthritis. The kids really liked these new scissors. They were fascinated with the unusual shape and took to cutting like ducks to water. Perfect for the classroom in that both lefthanders and righthanders can use a single pair.

J Segrue and Associates, Inc

Market Research, Normandie School Grades K-2

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